Топ-100 Популярный виски

Whiskyname Bottler Age Vol Size Rate Notes
1Lagavulin, 16yoDistillery Bottling1643%70 cl8.9642
2Ardbeg, UigeadailDistillery BottlingNAS54.2%70 cl9.0735
3Caol Ila, 12yoDistillery Bottling1243%70 cl8.2435
4Glendronach, 15yo, RevivalDistillery Bottling1546%70 cl8.8335
5Ardbeg 10yo TenDistillery Bottling1046%75 cl8.7334
6Highland Park, 12yoDistillery Bottling1240%70 cl8.0731
7Bowmore, 15yo, Mariner (New Label)Distillery Bottling1543%100 cl8.5829
8Clynelish, 14yoDistillery Bottling1446%70 cl8.5228
9Laphroaig, Quarter CaskDistillery BottlingNAS48%70 cl8.6228
10Highland Park, 18yoDistillery Bottling1843%70 cl8.6527
11Bowmore, 12yo, New LabelDistillery Bottling1240%70 cl8.1926
12Ardbeg, CorryvreckanDistillery BottlingNAS57.1%70 cl8.9225
13Dalwhinnie , 15yoDistillery Bottling1543%70 cl8.4325
14Glenfarclas, 15yoDistillery Bottling1546%70 cl8.6525
15Highland Park, 15yoDistillery Bottling1540%70 cl8.4625
16Oban, 14yoDistillery Bottling1443%70 cl8.3425
17Scapa, 16yo, New Label (2008)Distillery Bottling1640%70 cl8.5225
18Glenfiddich, 12yoDistillery Bottling1240%70 cl7.8724
19Glenkinchie , 12yoDistillery Bottling1243%70 cl8.0724
20Caol Ila, 18yoDistillery Bottling1843%70 cl8.8323
21Talisker, 10yo, New Map LabelDistillery Bottling1045.8%70 cl8.6623
22Bowmore, 12yo, Enigma (New Label)Distillery Bottling1240%100 cl8.2922
23Glenfiddich, 15yoDistillery Bottling1540%70 cl8.2922
24Laphroaig, 10yo, Old LabelDistillery Bottling1040%70 cl8.6522
25Macallan, 12yo, Fine Oak (New Label)Distillery Bottling1240%70 cl8.2322
26Maker`s Mark, Red WaxDistillery BottlingNAS45%70 cl8.2122
27An Cnoc 12 yoDistillery Bottling1240%70 cl8.0521
28Bruichladdich, 10yoDistillery Bottling1046%70 cl8.7521
29Glendronach, 18yo, AllardiceDistillery Bottling1846%70 cl8.8021
30Glenlivet, 12yoDistillery Bottling1240%70 cl8.1021
31Laphroaig, 18yo, (Old Label)Distillery Bottling1848%70 cl9.0621
32Old Pulteney, 12yo, old glass print label Distillery Bottling1240%70 cl8.2921
33Balvenie, 12yo, DoubleWoodDistillery Bottling1240%70 cl8.3120
34Ben Nevis, 10yoDistillery Bottling1046%70 cl8.5420
35Glenfarclas, 10yo, New Label (2007)Distillery Bottling1040%70 cl7.6520
36Glenfarclas, 40yoDistillery Bottling4046%70 cl9.4220
37Glenlivet, 18yoDistillery Bottling1843%70 cl8.5320
38Old Pulteney, 17yoDistillery Bottling1746%70 cl8.6620
39Tomatin, 12yoDistillery Bottling1240%70 cl7.9420
40Auchentoshan, 12yo, New Label (2008)Distillery Bottling1240%70 cl7.5819
41Glenfiddich, 14yo, Rich OakDistillery Bottling1440%70 cl7.8219
42Glenmorangie, 10yo, OriginalDistillery Bottling1040%70 cl7.9219
43Glenrothes, Select ReserveDistillery BottlingNAS43%70 cl8.0619
44Longrow, 14yoDistillery Bottling1446%70 cl8.5619
45Macallan, 12yo, Sherry OakDistillery Bottling1240%70 cl8.5619
46Talisker, 18yo, Old Label (before 2012)Distillery Bottling1845.8%70 cl9.0519
47Benriach, 30yoDistillery Bottling3050%70 cl9.0918
48Glendronach, 12yo, OriginalDistillery Bottling1243%70 cl8.2318
49Glenfarclas, 10yo, 105 (New Label)Distillery Bottling1060%70 cl8.5018
50Glenmorangie, 12yo, Nectar d'OrDistillery Bottling1246%70 cl8.5818
51Ledaig, 10yo, New Label (2010)Distillery Bottling1046.3%70 cl8.4918
52Longmorn, 16yoDistillery Bottling1648%70 cl8.5218
53Longrow, CVDistillery BottlingNAS46%70 cl8.6518
54Aberlour, 12yoDistillery Bottling1240%100 cl8.2717
55Arran, 10yoDistillery Bottling1046%70 cl7.9117
56Auchentoshan, ClassicDistillery BottlingNAS40%70 cl7.1017
57Auchentoshan, Three Wood, New Label (2008)Distillery BottlingNAS43%75 cl8.5717
58Balvenie, 21yo, PortWoodDistillery Bottling2140%70 cl8.7417
59Benriach, 15yo Madeira WoodDistillery Bottling1546%70 cl8.3717
60Big PeatDouglas LaingNAS46%70 cl8.6417
61Bowmore, 17yo, Seagull LabelDistillery Bottling1743%70 cl9.0917
62Bruichladdich, Fifteen, 2nd EditionDistillery Bottling1546%70 cl8.5117
63Bunnahabhain, 12yoDistillery Bottling1246.3%70 cl8.3417
64Cragganmore, 12yoDistillery Bottling1240%70 cl8.1317
65Glen Ord, 12yoDistillery Bottling1243%70 cl8.5417
66Glenfarclas, 25yo, New LabelDistillery Bottling2543%70 cl8.8017
67Isle of Jura, 16yo, Diurachs' Own (before 2012)Distillery Bottling1640%70 cl8.4317
68Laphroaig, 15yoDistillery Bottling1543%70 cl8.6717
69Laphroaig, Triple WoodDistillery BottlingNAS48%100 cl8.7717
70Ledaig, 10yoDistillery Bottling1043%70 cl8.1617
71Macallan, 18yo, Fine OakDistillery Bottling1843%70 cl8.3017
72Springbank, 10yo, Orange 10, Orange SDistillery Bottling1046%70 cl8.4917
73Ardmore, Traditional Cask, PeatedDistillery BottlingNAS46%70 cl7.9916
74Balvenie, 12yo, DoubleWoodDistillery Bottling1243%70 cl8.2216
75Benriach, 12yo, Heredotus FumosusDistillery Bottling1246%70 cl8.3816
76Benriach, 15yo, Tawny Port Wood Finish SeriesDistillery Bottling1546%70 cl8.3116
77Bowmore, Legend (New Label)Distillery BottlingNAS40%70 cl8.0916
78Bruichladdich, 18yoDistillery Bottling1846%70 cl8.8916
79Bruichladdich, The Laddie TenDistillery Bottling1046%70 cl8.1316
80Caperdonich, 1972-2011, Men O'Quaich CollectionDuncan Taylor3848.3%70 cl9.0816
81Glen Grant, 1992-2012, Partizan Collection, for Russian Whisky SocietyDuncan Taylor1952.8%70 cl8.3616
82Glen Scotia, 12yo, New LabelDistillery Bottling1240%70 cl7.7316
83Glenmorangie, AstarDistillery BottlingNAS57.1%70 cl8.8816
84Glenmorangie, SignetDistillery BottlingNAS46%70 cl9.0916
85Highland Park, 30yoDistillery Bottling3048.1%70 cl9.2416
86Lagavulin, 12yo, 8th ReleaseDistillery Bottling1256.4%70 cl9.0216
87Longrow, 18yo, bottling 2008Distillery Bottling1846%70 cl9.1916
88Old Pulteney, 21yoDistillery Bottling2146%70 cl8.7616
89Talisker, 10yo, Light grey island SKYE in the center of the labelDistillery Bottling1045.8%70 cl8.8116
90The Ileach, Islay Single MaltThe Highlands & IslandsNAS40%70 cl8.7316
91Benriach, 15yo, Pedro Ximinez Wood Finish SeriesDistillery Bottling1546%70 cl8.4215
92Blair Athol, 12yo, Flora & FaunaDistillery Bottling1243%70 cl8.6215
93Bowmore, 25yo, New LabelDistillery Bottling2543%70 cl8.9115
94Bruichladdich, 12yo, 2nd EditionDistillery Bottling1246%70 cl8.3415
95Dufftown, 12yo, Singleton of DufftownDistillery Bottling1240%70 cl7.7515
96Glen Garioch, 15yoDistillery Bottling1543%70 cl8.4415
97Glen Garioch, Founder's Reserve 1797Distillery BottlingNAS48%70 cl8.0415
98Glen Grant, 1974-2011, Men O'Quaich CollectionDuncan Taylor3650.7%70 cl9.2815
99Glenfiddich, 15yo, Distillery EditionDistillery Bottling1551%70 cl8.4015
100Glengoyne, 12yo, Cask Strength 100 Proof, 12 on neckDistillery Bottling1257.2%70 cl8.4115
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