Топ-100 Худший виски

Whiskyname Bottler Age Vol Size Rate Scores
1Abhainn Dearg The Spirit of LewisDistillery BottlingNAS40%50 cl4.865
2Tamnavulin, 12yoDistillery Bottling1240%70 cl6.173
3Cu Dhub, The Black Single Malt WhiskySpeyside DistilleryNAS40%70 cl6.294
4Hankey Bannister, OriginalNAS40%70 cl6.514
5Girvan, The Girvan Patent Still - No.4 AppsDistillery BottlingNAS42%70 cl6.683
6Johnnie Walker, Red LabelNAS40%70 cl6.746
7Smokin' The Gentleman’s DramDuncan TaylorNAS40%70 cl6.794
8Drumguish (green label)Speyside DistilleryNAS40%70 cl6.803
9William Lawson`s, Blended scotch WhiskyNAS40%70 cl6.823
10White Horse, Fine Old Blended Scotch WhiskyNAS40%70 cl6.844
11Black & WhiteNAS40%70 cl6.884
12Teeling, Small Batch (bottl. 09/2015)Distillery BottlingNAS46%70 cl7.103
13Auchentoshan, ClassicDistillery BottlingNAS40%70 cl7.1215
14Snow Grouse, Blended Grain Scotch WhiskyNAS40%70 cl7.123
15Glenforres , 12yoDistillery Bottling1243%75 cl7.153
16Littlemill, 8yo, Dumpy bottleDistillery Bottling840%70 cl7.203
17Dewar`s, White labelNAS40%70 cl7.215
18Tamdhu, 8yo, Macphail's CollectionGordon & MacPhail843%75 cl7.223
19Famous Grouse, Finest, Blended Scotch Whisky (Rounded Top Label with Gold Strip Below)NAS40%70 cl7.244
20Ballantine`s, FinestNAS40%70 cl7.256
21Glen Deveron, 10yoDistillery Bottling1040%70 cl7.255
22Tullibardine, 228Distillery BottlingNAS43%70 cl7.254
23Grant`s, Family Reserve (Red Label)NAS40%70 cl7.267
24An Cnoc 1994Distillery BottlingNAS46%70 cl7.273
25Dailuaine, 1973-1996, Rare Malts Selection Box 2Distillery Bottling2261.8%20 cl7.273
26Loch Lomond, Single GrainDistillery BottlingNAS46%70 cl7.333
27Tomatin, 12yoDistillery Bottling1240%70 cl7.333
28Grant`s, Cask Editions №2 - Sherry Cask Finish (Green Label)NAS40%50 cl7.354
29Tullibardine, Aged Oak EditionDistillery BottlingNAS40%70 cl7.373
30Macduff, 1997-2010, ReserveGordon & MacPhail1359.3%70 cl7.385
31McClelland's SpeysideMcClelland'sNAS40%70 cl7.384
32Glen Grant, Distilled in Tall Slender StillsDistillery BottlingNAS40%70 cl7.408
33Tullamore Dew, OriginalNAS40%70 cl7.404
34Aberlour, 10yoDistillery Bottling1043%70 cl7.417
35Teeling, Single GrainDistillery BottlingNAS46%70 cl7.424
36Bunnahabhain, Darach Ur, Batch 1Distillery BottlingNAS46.3%100 cl7.4610
37McClelland's HighlandMcClelland'sNAS40%70 cl7.477
38Amrut, Single Malt WhiskyDistillery BottlingNAS40%70 cl7.483
39JamesonNAS40%70 cl7.485
40Speyside, Tenne, SpeyDistillery BottlingNAS46%70 cl7.483
41Grant`s, Cask Editions №1 - Ale Cask Finish (Blue Label)NAS40%50 cl7.495
42The Six Isles, Islands Blended MaltIan MacLeodNAS43%70 cl7.494
43Tormore, 12yoDistillery Bottling1240%70 cl7.497
44Royal Lochnagar, 12yoDistillery Bottling1240%70 cl7.516
45Glenfarclas, Heritage, New LabelDistillery BottlingNAS40%70 cl7.525
46Wild Geese, Rare Irish WhiskeyNAS43%70 cl7.523
47Benromach OrganicDistillery BottlingNAS43%70 cl7.537
48Buffalo Trace, McAfee's Benchmark Old No. 8 BrandDistillery BottlingNAS40%70 cl7.533
49Dewar`s, 12yo, Special Reserve1240%100 cl7.533
50Aultmore, 1987-2004, Cask SelectionPrivate CellarNAS43%70 cl7.544
51Famous Grouse, Black Grouse (Rounded Top Label with Gold Strip Below)NAS40%70 cl7.545
52Penderyn, MadeiraDistillery BottlingNAS46%70 cl7.544
53Catto's, Rare Old Scottish, Blended Scotch WhiskyCatto'sNAS40%70 cl7.554
54Glenallachie, 1992-2009, Connoisseurs ChoiceGordon & MacPhailNAS43%70 cl7.554
55Speyburn, Bradan OrachDistillery BottlingNAS40%70 cl7.555
56Auchentoshan, 12yo, New Label (2008)Distillery Bottling1240%70 cl7.5617
57Glen Moray, ClassicDistillery BottlingNAS40%70 cl7.564
58Glendullan, 1991-2006, The Un-Chillfiltered CollectionSignatory Vintage1546%70 cl7.565
59Bushmills, 10yo, New Green Label with black Bushmills logo1040%70 cl7.577
60Caol Ila, 1994-2009, Private CollectionGordon & MacPhail1445%70 cl7.576
61Glen Grant, The Major's ReserveDistillery BottlingNAS40%70 cl7.577
62Jim Beam, White LabelDistillery BottlingNAS40%70 cl7.573
63Bell`s, OriginalNAS40%70 cl7.586
64Suntory, Kakubin, Blended WhiskyNAS40%70 cl7.583
65Tomintoul, 10yoDistillery Bottling1040%70 cl7.5910
66Balblair, 2000-2010, 1st ReleaseDistillery Bottling1043%70 cl7.6012
67Edradour , 2003-2009, 3rd ReleaseDistillery Bottling546%70 cl7.604
68Glenfiddich, 12yoDistillery Bottling1243%100 cl7.603
69Glengoyne, 14yo, Heritage GoldDistillery Bottling1440%100 cl7.605
70Knockando, 1991-2009, Slow MaturedDistillery Bottling1843%70 cl7.603
71McClelland's LowlandMcClelland'sNAS40%70 cl7.614
72Bowmore, Surf (New Label)Distillery BottlingNAS40%100 cl7.626
73Jim Beam, 6yo, Black Triple AgedDistillery Bottling643%70 cl7.623
74Teacher`s, Highland CreamNAS40%50 cl7.626
75Balblair, 2000-2011, 2nd ReleaseDistillery BottlingNAS43%70 cl7.636
76Highland Park, 1984-2008, Lonach CollectionDuncan Taylor2350.9%70 cl7.633
77Kilkerran, Work in Progress, 4th releaseDistillery BottlingNAS46%70 cl7.633
78Cardhu, 12yoDistillery Bottling1240%70 cl7.649
79Glengoyne, 17yoDistillery Bottling1740%100 cl7.645
80The GildNAS40%70 cl7.645
81Glen Keith, 10yoDistillery Bottling1043%70 cl7.653
82Scapa, 2000-2011, Licensed BottlingGordon & MacPhailNAS43%50 cl7.653
83Glengoyne, Burnfoot New designDistillery BottlingNAS40%100 cl7.665
84Arran, 100 ProofDistillery BottlingNAS57%70 cl7.673
85Ledaig, 1992-2004, Authentic CollectionCadenhead1259.8%70 cl7.673
86Tomatin, 1994-2007, Individual Cask Wood FinishDun Eideann1342%70 cl7.674
87Glencadam, 15yoDistillery Bottling1540%70 cl7.685
88Loch Lomond NAS, Blue LabelDistillery BottlingNAS40%70 cl7.684
89Armorik, Classic Distillery BottlingNAS46%70 cl7.703
90Glenfarclas, 10yo, New Label (2007)Distillery Bottling1040%70 cl7.7018
91Ledaig, 2001-2011, Heavily PeatedMurray McDavid1046%70 cl7.703
92Speyburn, 10yoDistillery Bottling1040%70 cl7.708
93Springbank, 1998-2011, NC² RangeDuncan Taylor1346%70 cl7.706
94Tullibardine, 225Distillery BottlingNAS43%70 cl7.706
95Tullibardine, Sovereign Distillery BottlingNAS43%70 cl7.703
96Wild Turkey, 81 proofDistillery BottlingNAS40.5%70 cl7.706
97Whyte & Mackay, Special, Blended Scotch WhiskyNAS40%70 cl7.717
98Grant`s, 12yo, Premium Blended Whisky (Вove-colored Label)1240%70 cl7.725
99Antiquary, 12yo, Black Label, Blended Whisky1240%70 cl7.733
100Black Bottle, Green Round bottle (New Label)NAS40%70 cl7.734